Long live the Baltic Sea! By purchasing a Drop Design Spa you will participate in preserving the Baltic Sea

Clear and clean water cherishes and relaxes. Nature and human together, equally.

The most sustainable form of luxury is enjoying the little things in everyday lifeBeing surrounded by your own home, your loved ones, and by exquisite and clean nature. Is there a better time to invest in your home than now? Place an order for a Drop Design Spa by the end of December and you will be participating in the protection of the Baltic Sea.  

By purchasing a Drop Pool between 11.11.–31.12.2020 and mentioning the code BALTICSEA, we will donate up to 400 € – for the protection of the Baltic Sea

Rest of the year is full of days such as Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday that call for excessive shopping and consumption. We wanted to create a campaign with a more sustainable approach. The Baltic Sea is our treasure and should be preserved. Therefore, with every purchase of a Drop Pool, we will donate 4,5 % – up to 400 € – for the protection of the Baltic Sea. The purchase must be made between 11.11.–31.12.2020 by using a campaign code “BALTICSEA”. (* Now it is time to make a sustainable investment in yourself, your home and in the mesmerizing nature in the coastal regions.


All the donations will be addressed to the protection of the Baltic Sea through Baltic Sea Action GroupIndependent nonprofit foundation actively digs into the roots of the problem of the Baltic Sea pollution and brings together actors from different areas of our society in order to preserve the Baltic. The actions of the foundation are focused on improving sustainable agriculture and recycling of nutrients, preventing the climate change, and protecting diversity of nature. With the right actors and activities, long-term sustainable outcomes will be reached.   


Award-winning and elegant design of Drop spas is designed to last. Operating responsibly and sustainablis comprehensively important for us. Our Spas are recognized with the Key Flag Symbol, and all of our electrically heated spas are manufactured in Finland.  

A Drop of luxury to everyday life. 



*) Donation, 4,5% of each product’s price excluding VAT, is being made when the purchase is made using a campaign code in Drop’s own sales channels between 11.11.–31.12.2020