Drop Pisara

Enjoy a wood-heated bath around the year!

The drop theme appears in both the design of the products as well as the name of the company. The first Drop spa pools came with a stove and, back then, it was the only available heating option. That’s why this pool package was named Pisara, which is Finnish for drop. It’s the pool that started everything.

Pisara spa pool has an incredibly efficient and stylish Black Box stove with a heating time that only the top of the industry offers — approximately 2 hours. The bather can sense the heat of the stove, the smell of the chopped wood and the atmospheric flames behind the stove’s glass door.

This pool takes a traditional hot tub experience one drop further.


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The package includes everything you need to use a traditional pool with a wood stove.

  • Drop spa pool in white, grey, or black
  • Pressure-treated wood frame for the pool
  • 35 kW Black Box stove
  • Chimney and protective grill
  • Ash spade
  • LED pool light
  • Insulation cover
  • All necessary hoses and clamps for the stove.
  • People capacity: 6–8
  • Side length: 220 cm
  • Inner diameter: 200 cm
  • Height: 105 cm
  • Immersion depth: approx. 96,5 cm
  • Weight when empty: approx. 240 kg
  • Material: reinforced plastic
  • Water capacity: 1830 L
  • Water use: 1,000–1,500 L
  • Weight of the stove: approx. 40 kg

For more information on the Drop pool’s measurements and technical features, please visit our website: Measurements and FAQ.


Installation and operating instructions »

The pool is emptied with a  drainage pump.

The stove’s inlets are defined according to the attached photo.

Are you still wondering about something in relation to the pool or its installation? Please contact our customer service! We would be happy to make your Drop experience as seamless as possible.