Pamper yourself with a spa pool

Why hot baths are good for you

Sinking into a hot tub or spa pool is not just a wonderful way to unwind, but also a great way to actively nurture your mind and body.

Hydrotherapy is a centuries-old therapeutic method, and for good reason: there are few things more enjoyable than letting yourself sink into steaming hot water, allowing it to melt away any tension in your body and bolster your circulation, muscles, joints and mind.

Boost your body with a bath

When lying in a hot tub or spa pool, you can almost feel your body benefiting from an increased uptake of oxygen and nutrients and a boost to your metabolism and immune system. You can certainly feel the hot water melting away any tension in your muscles and soothing your joints. As your lymphatic circulation increases, your body also removes waste products more effectively, and swelling subsides. Many have also found a cure to headaches or chronic pain in the warmth of the water.

Most hot bath health benefits are thanks to the joint effects of water pressure and temperature. Warm water causes our blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation and lowering blood pressure. Thanks to the hydrostatic pressure of water, our heart rate goes down, stroke volume increases and the heart pumps more blood with each beat, also increasing our lung capacity and oxygen intake.

Perfect solution to stress

When we are stressed, warm water offers a refuge that is second to none. A hot bath is like a comforting hug, a safe haven in which you can recover from a hard day at work or a tough workout. It is scientifically proven that being immersed in water balances the autonomic nervous system, reduces anxiety and lifts the spirits by increasing the release of happy hormones. A hot bath also helps with insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.

When you get out of the pool, you feel almost reborn: perfectly well, relaxed and present in the moment. Perhaps you could jump in the pool today, take a few deep breaths and give your body a break from the demands of your hectic life? You deserve it.